Dennis Detwiller

Ransom Successful; What’s Next?

In Writing on June 20, 2011 at 9:48 am

Yes, it's a painting :)

Thanks to your support, our Kickstarter fundraiser for Delta Green: Through a Glass, Darkly was a success.

Now what?

Here’s a rough timeline of what happens next — specifically, when you can expect to read the book.

These dates are tentative. We’ll probably hit them pretty closely, but this is fair warning if one of the steps goes a little longer than expected.

June 19: Kickstarter fundraiser succeeded.

July 5: Amazon sends money to Arc Dream. Arc Dream lays out Through a Glass, Darkly for its ePub, hardcover and paperback editions.

July 25: Arc Dream sends the Through a Glass, Darkly  ePub to Kickstarter backers and submits it to ePub sale sites (Kindle, iTunes, etc.), and sends the hardcover to press.

August 22: Through a Glass, Darkly hardcover ships to Kickstarter backers.

September 5: Through a Glass, Darkly paperback goes on sale (along with any remaining hardcovers).

Thanks again for your support of Delta Green!


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