Dennis Detwiller

San Francisco

In The Move on July 3, 2011 at 8:57 am

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve spent most of the last decade in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with my wife Hilary and more recently, with our amazing daughter Maya. It’s a beautiful yet increasingly expensive place to live. The cost of living has just moved up and up and up, with tear-down houses on the very borders of Vancouver going for 1 million bucks. When we moved there in the early 2000’s, you couldn’t give real estate away (in fact, our first purchase was due to a real estate person stopping us on the street).

Recently, an opportunity came up at a wonderful, popular company in San Francisco called PlayFirst. I can’t say much about it, except of course that I’m really very excited. So excited, I’ve moved down to SF already and started the new job last week. Strangely enough, San Francisco is cheaper, sometimes much cheaper than Vancouver. Food, real estate, nearly everything except health care is cheaper here, which goes to show how insanely expensive Vancouver has become.

Hilary and the brood will follow in September, with me flying back at the end of July for the birth of my son. (It’s just easier for all involved if the kids are born in Canada, then they can be dual-citizens — the US is quite picky about that).

Hilary and I love San Francisco, and we’re looking forward to settling in here, first in a rental for a year, and then in a nice, big house bought by the sale of our insanely expensive house in Vancouver (luckily, there was no sub-prime crash in Canada).

So here I am, alone in San Francisco, working like crazy on new, exciting things, but ultimately missing my girls and my unborn son very much. Wish me luck, and anyone with any advice, drop me a line.

  1. Is it September yet??

  2. Welcome to the Bay Area! I’m a Bay Area native and live in San Jose — and there is no lack of interesting things to do around here. There’s also a pretty decent crowd of Cthulhu players (given that Chaosium is just across the Bay from SF). Will you be attending the PacifiCon convention on the Labor Day weekend (Sept 2-7,

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