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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

In Art, Gaming, The Move, Video Games, Writing on August 23, 2011 at 7:09 am

Hey guys, long time no write (well, I’ve been writing, just not here). I’ve been swamped, what with setting up house here for Hilary and the kids (oh yeah, we had another kid — Henry), getting into the groove of the new job (very groovy, if I do say so myself), and working on various projects too numerous to enumerate. Well, hell, I’ll give it a shot.

The fun image above is for a triptych cover for Greg Stolze’s upcoming novel The Mask of the Other. Haven’t read it yet, but hey, we all know Stolze is just a synonym for quality. So when it drops buy it, okay? In fact, go buy everything he’s selling, I’ve never been let down.

What have I been working on? Well, Failed Anatomies is one; an anthology of Delta Green stories tracking it from its inception to the modern day. We promised three stories for the contributors to the Through a Glass Darkly ransom, and three stories you shall have. The third, called Philosophy, is in Shane Ivey’s overburdened fingers right now. Right now, the anthology is nine stories, but I have another one percolating. Here’s an excerpt from Philosophy:

What if I told you there was something beyond this world. I said, hey, guess what dude, we’re a blip in a cosmic ocean, and that ocean is rough, and we’re just a tiny bubble of stability soon to be snuffed out, eaten alive by the chaos. What if I said that physics was the conglomeration of a trillion different accidents, two transparent nonsense images shown over one another which seem to form a pattern. That the pattern is fading. That everything we hold as absolute is an accident that will be rectified by entropy, forever.

Yeah. Well, I took it that way too.

When he finally came clean on the group to me, that they had no mandate from the Government, that it was illegal, that we were all that was left: a rag tag group of less than one hundred trying to shut the dark doors before the nightmares crawled out, I cut him, and the group, off.

For two months he gave me my freedom. I went to the bureau, ate my take out in front of a TV in an empty apartment on an air mattress, and forgot about our little operation, at least for a few minutes sometime in there.

Then, one day he turned up at my door with a case of Heineken. I let him back in to my life. He made it feel like I had a choice.

“We don’t do it because we can win, we do it because it’s right, and no one else can,”  he emptied his beer and looked at me.

“Listen, Jude, I can’t do this alone.” And I saw the fear in his eyes, despite the smile. He was terrified.

I shook his hand and said I was in.

Through a Glass Darkly is done. I’ve seen the final proof, and it is very strange and gratifying to see it in a final form. Look for it soon.

Secondarily, earlier this year I wrapped a short story for an upcoming anthology of Lovecraftian tales for the illimitable Robin Laws. This tale, called Lithic, should appear sometime this year.

Hm. What else. Oh yeah, the Delta Green roleplaying game. We’ve been thinking about this one for a long time. The author list reads like a dream-team to assuage even the most fervent fanboy’s misgivings. Tynes, Stolze, Hite, Glancy, Ivey and, um…me. Long story short and please repeat this far and wide since I keep seeing contradictory information:

It will be a percentage based system that is backwards compatible with the Call of Cthulhu system. It will retain all you love about Delta Green. In addition it will outline multiple time periods for the organization (including the 1990’s “Cowboy” period).

We will not be “moving away” from anything in the classic DG canon — after all, it is…canon. There will be no jetpacks or helicarriers. There will be carnage, insanity, the slow decay of the human psyche in the face of the unknowable and all the hallmarks of a good DG op. 

We have learned our lessons about release dates. Look for it…sometime in the future.

  1. Umm… Sorry for being a know-it-all asshole… But since I suspect that Failed Anatomies is Detwillerian goodness through-and-through, it is actually a story collection. An anthology is when you have stories/essays/poems/articles by several different authors between the same covers.


  2. No problem. I think there may be one or two by others. We’ll see! Thanks.

  3. Can’t wait for the new Delta Green RPG! Well, I can’t wait for anything related to DG…

    Also, Dennis, I read something about you writing a DG adventure book a while back (with an update on your excellent Future/Perfect campaign). Is that coming along or you are focused on the new DG rulebook right now?

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