Dennis Detwiller

And We’re Back

In Art, Gaming, Video Games, Writing on March 6, 2012 at 8:42 am


What have I been up to? Oh me, nothing much. Just a health scare, switching jobs and moving a six month old, an almost-four year old and my wife to a new home. Oh, and shipping two games, finishing up a Delta Green anthology and wondering about several other vast and scary projects. You? Yeah, about the same.

Sorry for the dead air. I hope to update here more often. My life has been consumed with a health scare (I’m much better now) job shake ups (I’m the Creative Games Design Director at Nickelodeon Mobile/Social now, a big step up), and moving houses. Not to mention kids and pet fish and parents visiting and all the things that suck up a lot of your time. I hope to get back on the wagon. Or is it off the wagon? Why is there a wagon?

So. First things first. Delta Green: Failed Anatomies  an anthology of fifteen stories set throughout the decades of Delta Green’s existence — is almost done. It stars myself, the fabulous! (with two snaps) Robin Laws, with a foreword by Ken Hite (so he said last time I ate dinner with him!) I will put it up for ransom shortly. Check out some stories from the book: IntelligencesPhilosophy and Punching for free. See the cover image here.

In other news, I’m working on a bunch of gaming stuff (pen and paper) as well as the old video game grindstone. More on that later.

Please check out the free PDFs below (including some of my Delta Greeny favorites!) and please subscribe. I promise I’ll post more. I swear!

  1. Two snaps, indeed.

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