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What to Do, What to Do? You Pick!

In Art, Gaming, Video Games, Writing on March 9, 2012 at 8:06 am

Hey there guys. I have too many projects going at once: help me pick which I should put up for ransom (that is, fill a certain amount of cash donations and the project goes free on the web forever).

Here they are, in no particular order.

Delta Green: Failed Anatomies is a fiction anthology of stories set throughout the decades of DG’s existence. It includes work by Robin Laws and Ken Hite. It’s pretty much wrapped and ready to go.

The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man is a 1920’s Dreamlands campaign, the first part of which appeared in Worlds of Cthulhu and which received some acclaim. It is a dark tale of opium addicts struggling through the horrific Dreamlands to find their way home to New York. I already have laid out the first section of the book with layout, art and maps. This is indicative of the art and quality I hope to finish the book with. This is VASTLY different than the plain text file found below, please check it out.

Future/Perfect Revised. You can find a copy below. Future/Perfect is a DG campaign in need of a big pass of love and care. I’d love to expand and lay it out with final art and maps in a much more detailed manner.

A New DG Scenario. Like the Last Equation this would be a completely new DG scenario. The one I am thinking of would be to do with the King in Yellow.

Night Floors and Victim of the Art Revised. I would take the two plain text PDFs below and lay them out and illustrate them with lavish attention to detail (see the Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man link above for an example). 

Screw it, let’s go for an iOS Delta Green Video Game! This is obviously an expensive undertaking, but I am a bit of an expert in iOS dev and know many people who could get this done. If the money could be secured, I’d love to do it.

  1. I kinda want to vote for everything at once 🙂 (although I think Night Floors and A Victim Of The Art are polished enough for now).
    I voted for The Sense of Sleight of Hand Mand because that’s the only truly unfinished project among all of those.

  2. I’ll take part in anything DG-related, even if you put them all up at once

  3. What lukulius says. Throwing money at screen, nothing happening, etc.

  4. No interest in fiction, nor in iOS-only games.

    Future/Perfect exists in a sufficiently finished state to allow motivated GMs to run it, and frankly, I don’t think there’s much room for improvement.

    The King In Yellow is very overrated, and about as scary as the Shaggy Man of Oz, less so, really, since mind control frightens me. (I can’t explain why Blish’s “More Light” works, though.)

    So, not only by process of elimination, but also because it revitalizes the Dreamlands, please finish The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man. I’ll pay for it.

  5. I now regret voting for Night Floors instead of Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man.

  6. What *kind* of iOS game?

  7. A good iOS game, that’s what kind. Just kidding. I imagine I would want to build something like X-Com, if I could raise enough money.

  8. I’d rather see something wholly new than an improved version for an already available product; finishing ‘Sense’ would be nice, but DG scenarios are of greater interest to me than Dreamlands material. Still, it is like being asked to pick which dessert to have first…

  9. I have a feeling that I missed the voting window, but regardless:
    My Preferred Sequencing of Priority:

    1. New Scenarios (scenarios are the lifeblood of delta green… and we always need more blood)
    2. Failed Anatomies (relatively quick to put it to bed?)
    3. Nightfloors/Victim of the Art Revisited (extra points for additional handouts [shared with players] vs artwork [generally only the Keeper gets to see] etc)
    4. PC/Android Delta Green Game (see what I did there? As with the previous on-list discussions of scenarios/books as iPad magazines… please avoid platform dependencies… IMHO especially apple/mac/iWhatevers… additionally most of the fun of Delta Green comes from the Investigation… not the combat… I hope that wouldn’t be lost by the game…)
    5. Future/Perfect revisited (not really my cup of tea…. but another couple of quality passes/re-writes… maybe it will be?)
    6. Sense of Slight of Hand Man (this one has been in your queue for a long time)

    Be Seeing You.

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