Dennis Detwiller

I’m Writing About the End of the World

In Art, Gaming, Video Games, Writing on March 11, 2012 at 8:50 am


As usual. I’m focused on a story for Delta Green: Failed Anatomies which deals with the end times. I’ve been reading up on some physics concepts which outline the idea that physics itself changes from place to place in the universe, that constants might no longer be constants, for instance, and I for one, find the concept terrifying. There is a reason it is the last story in the anthology.

In the story After Math a police officer struggles with the end of all rules while crossing ten miles to Pasadena to find his brother at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory — who happens to be a DG friendly. It’s an attempt to paint an end of days that matches Lovecrafts’ concepts, as well as leaves room for the bizarre human future he portends. It also does some other nasty things — ending on a tableaux of horror which puts an end to all possibility of resolution.


I’m going to let the poll run for a bit more, but I found some of the answers surprising. I thought for sure the revised Night Floors would score higher, for instance. So, right now, it seems clear Delta Green: Failed Anatomies has a future, as does a new Delta Green Scenario. We’ll see what else survives the cut. I’m hopeful The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man creeps up; I do dearly love the scenario.

On the iOS game front, I’d love to ship a XCOM style cell management game. iOS is chosen specifically because it is accessible to many, cheap to develop, and has a decent chance of returning its money — it is also naturally limiting. Building a PC game (the only other real option) is a vast undertaking that can go in many directions and cost millions of dollars. A decent XCOM style DG management game would run something like 200k to develop for iOS and take 3 or 4 people six months. All in all, it did startlingly well in the poll. We’ll see where it falls next week.

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  1. After Math sounds very interesting, I do wonder what your end times will look like.
    As for the poll, I must admit that I did some ‘strategic voting’. Personally I’d prefer to see a final, completed version of the older scenario’s like future perfect. But Failed Anatomies is the next best thing, so when I saw that it was a close deal between Failed Anatomies and the iOS game I changed my vote in support of FA.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind seeing a DG iOS game, I just prefer the good old tabletop RPG material and reading material.

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