Dennis Detwiller

Featured Scenario: Delta Green – The Last Equation

In Art, Gaming, Writing on March 12, 2012 at 8:19 am

Since there seems to be such interest in a new Delta Green scenario (second only to Failed Anatomies) I thought I’d throw some light on the last DG scenario written for ransom; Delta Green: The Last Equation.

Math as a dangerous weapon goes back to the very core of the Delta Green concept, and its something I pushed in the original Delta Green codebook (in the Roswell notes) to great effect. I still love it here. The idea that math is just something we think we understand, but which is actually a much bigger and scarier power is still a rich vein to mine, I believe.

In Delta Green: The Last Equation a rogue mathematical equation infects and kills as it goes, and the central tenant of the scenario is: how do you stop an idea?

Check it out for free, here.

  1. Heheh, a ‘rouge’ mathematical equation, the typo that never gets old 🙂
    [Spoiler alert]

    Also, as I think I may have commented before, there is a typo within the adventure itself regarding Claudan. Not only does his life (1535-1561) seem extremely short for someone who has done so many things and reached such fame in his time, but more importantly on page 15 the adventure claims he lived in the 17th century when the first page claimed he lived in the 16th.

    I really really love the ideas in this adventure, but I’m just a stickler for details like these…

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