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Future Ransom Plans

In Gaming, Video Games, Writing on March 20, 2012 at 8:15 am


Examining the feedback from the poll leads me to the conclusion that there’s interest for several products. I’ve decided to count anything above 20 votes as “viable” based on a secret scientific method involving q-tips and bourbon (keep in mind, the Poll is unofficially “closed” now).

So It looks like the most interest was in:

  • Delta Green: Failed Anatomies 30.95%  (52 votes)
  • A New DG Scenario 27.38%  (46 votes)
And then, surprisingly:
  • Screw it, let’s go for an iOS Delta Green Video Game! 17.26%  (29 votes)
  • Future Perfect Revised 11.9%  (20 votes)
Honestly, I expected (and hoped) The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man would do better in the running. So it goes. Good info to have to avoid wasting time on a pipe dream product no one would buy.
So, here’s what I’m thinking — and the Bumps in the Night ransom lead me to this thinking — would there be any interest to put up a Kickstarter that was sectional? Something like:
  1. Base Level $3,000: eBook version of Delta Green: Failed Anatomies (if this is filled, the Ransom is technically filled)
  2. If it hits $7,500: Trade Paperback of DG: Failed Anatomies
  3. If It hits $15,000: Trade Paperback DG: Failed Anatomies + 1 new PDF Delta Green scenario
  4. If it hits $25,000: Hardcover DG: Failed Anatomies + 1 new PDF DG scenario
  5. If it hits $35,000: As above, plus PDF of revised DG: Future/Perfect
  6. If it hits $50,000: DG: Failed Anatomies hardcover, 1 new PDF DG scenario, DG: Future/Perfect softcover
  7. If it hits $150,000+: We talk all of the above and DG iOS game.
Now, we may get nowhere near the interest shown here. Again, so be it. If  Bumps in the Night has taught me anything it’s that you should plan to overshoot your goal, if possible. Following Greg’s lead, Arc Dream has made a great run of products with their audience and I want to continue that tradition. I’d rather do so all at once, as well, and plan my year accordingly, instead of doing it piecemeal.
Thoughts, concerns, money orders?
  1. How would that work? What would we put up money for? Would it be like “$100 gets you Hardcover DG: Failed Anatomies and DG: Future/Perfect softcover”? What happens if you don’t hit the $50,000 target?

    • Hey Lukuilus,

      No, people would put money in, and as the total crossed the thresholds the rewards would increase. You’d have to put in a minimum to cover what you got out (which we would set), but for example, if we only hit 3k, we’d only release a ebook of DG: Failed Anatomies. If we crossed the $7,500 threshold, everyone who contributed would receive an ebook and a trade paperback of DG: FA, at $15k, it would be the ebook/trade paperback and a new PDF DG scenario. In other words, as the total increases, the more items are “paid out”.

      Hope that makes sense.


  2. I’m a die-hard fan of DG and your work so I’m a bad example for this. Any way you do it I’ll take part. However, I think that a lot of people are treating Kickstarter as an online store of unreleased products. These people would hate the following: putting in enough money to get all three products, Kickstarter doesn’t reach that amount, they only get one product out of it. For many this may be a deterrent.

  3. I’m in. Go ahead, you have a strong following, and once it’s up and running, people will flock to your kickstarter like it was the signal to the End Times

  4. You could determine the pledges which get the better rewards, like $5 one ebook, $10 up to 2 ebooks (if a chosen amount is reached); $15 up to 3 ebooks (if some amount is reached); $20? The trade paperback of one book; $30 TP of up to two books; $40 TP of all 3 books; $25 HC of one book; $50 HC of up to 2 books; $75 HC of up to 3 books; reward levels for signed editions, input in some or all of the books (like name an NPC, work together with the author to include a character on the book(s), use backer image as an NPC, etc.) you could include The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man as an extra reward if another amount is reached. I’d love to get it and believe it’s the second (maybe third) choice of many potential backers. Give a look at other Games, Books and RPG Kickstarter projects to get further ideas on reward levels and extended goals.


  5. The best cost effective Kickstarter project I’ve seen so far is:

    I hope that’s some inspiration.


  6. Hi – Im really keen to see more DG products and have contributed to previous efforts. For me a hardback book with additional PDFs /softcovers would be future perfect! Im not really keen on iOS or just a PDF. I do like to own something physically printed and bound from a significant Ransom. While I have the attention and just for my extra two pence – It would be really really interesting to see a piece on the Karotcheia of the 1930’s & 40’s including changing membership, org charts, internal power squabbles,some more detail on the projects they worked on, the stuff that inevitably went wrong. Any chance for a future eyes only or hardback section?

  7. I think the lack of interest in “The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man” is mostly that not a lot of people got to read the specific TUO issue featuring the first episode in the first place, so they don’t even know what it is. If you released it through other channels to get more exposure for it, maybe that could build up some interest.

    A sectional Kickstarter is an interesting idea, and I’m pretty sure it would work well in the end since a majority of the DG community would throw money at any DG-related project… but I’m not quite convinced yet, at least not with that “depth” in the thresholds/products. People who only care about the entry level products may get stuff they don’t care about (not a big deal), but people who care about the higher level products will have a hard time deciding whether to pledge or not. And unless you don’t plan to offer special packages for high pledges (signed copies, etc.), users could be faced with a pretty complex decision matrix.

    I’d rather see some shallower/simpler hierarchy where things are more directly related to each other… say, DG:FA PDF, DG:FA SC, DG:FA HC, and a bonus DG scenario as the highest threshold. Then, another Kickstarter for the “Detwiller Scenario Collection” with Future Perfect PDF, TSOTSOHM PDF, maybe some SC editions, and another bonus DG scenario up there.

    So basically, keep the sectional idea, but keep it simpler for now and split it in 2 or 3 Kickstarter projects. Remember that segmenting the market yields more money.

  8. Go on, I’ll contribute to EVERYTHING you put on Kickstarter. If I can choose, I would like for you to FIRST pledge all the PDFs (i.e., at lower financing goals), THEN the softcover/hardcover physical books. Why? Because I live in Italy: this means that I have to wait a lot of time before receiving the physical copies AND the cost gets rather high.
    So, no point in receiving just one or two products in both PDF and (after some months) physical form, when the same money can get me three or four PDFs in no time. Just my preference.

  9. For what it’s worth, I just found my way here now, and I’d totally support TSOTSOHM.

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