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In Gaming, Video Games, Writing on March 22, 2012 at 8:11 am
Good feedback guys. Here’s what I’m thinking (and please note it will take a bit of time to get these Kickstarters together, they are not ready yet). I’ve split them into 3 different ones — DG Fiction, DG Scenarios and DG Video Game.

Each will achieve “success” at their lowest level, every milestone past that will unlock new and better content. If anything jumps out at you, please drop me a line.
I’m hopeful because of projects like DoubleFine’s Adventure Game (3.3 million) and Wasteland 2 (1.4 million) did so well.

With DoubleFine, I feel some direct kinship because I was the one who showed my Kickstarter projects to Ron Gilbert when he was my boss back at Hothead back in 2009. I can only hope Tim and Ron saw this and launched their 3+ million dollar Kickstarter for DoubleFine.
But we were doing this way back before it was cool 🙂 My dream, above all, is to make enough at this to go full-time on Delta Green development. The only way to do this is to raise a chunk of change. When these go live, I’ll have my fingers crossed.

Delta Green Fiction Kickstarter

First and foremost, this will focus on Delta Green: Failed Anatomies. 

  • $3,000: $10+ contribution: An eBook version goes out to all contributors.
  • $10,000: $20+ contribution: A trade paperback version goes out to all contributors (plus eBook).
  • $25,000: $35+ contribution: A hardcover version goes out to all contributors (plus eBook).
  • $50,000+: $50+ contribution: A special edition hardcover version goes out to all contributors (plus eBooks of all my DG novels and DG books).

Delta Green Scenario Kickstarter

First and foremost, this will focus on new Delta Green scenarios. 

  • $3,000: $10+: A new PDF Delta Green scenario goes out to all contributors.
  • $10,000:  $25+: 2 new PDF Delta Green scenarios go out to all contributors.
  • $30,000: $40+: 2 new Delta Green scenarios with Music From a Darkened Room and the Last Equation in a softbound book to all contributors (plus PDF).
  • $50,000+: $50+: As above, plus PX Poker Night, Night Floors and A Victim of the Art included in the DG Scenario book. 

Delta Green iOS Video game Kickstarter (Project Pipe Dream)

First and foremost, this will focus on a Delta Green video game. This will be an iOS only project at its base level. At a higher level (which I would be AMAZED to make, but I’m not holding my breath) we’d shift over to PC development for Steam.

It will be an X-Com style cell management game where you take the role of A-Cell attempting to suppress Mythos activity across the US.

  • $150,000: $10+: A Delta Green iOS game.
  • $500,000: $10+: A Delta Green PC game.
  1. link to your wallet?i dont have kickstarter shortcuts! 😀

  2. /me gets his credit card out
    Get these projects up already!

  3. I know absolutely nothing about video game developing, but would it be complicated to develop the DG game (if it gets developed at all) for Mac as well as iOS and PC?
    If so, I’m afraid you can count me in on all three kickstarters.

    • It would likely be easy to make a Mac port. You can assume if we hit the $500k total I will definitely look to be getting in the Mac App store as well as the iOS store (and Steam).


  4. About the 2° part of the project there any chance to see a long term campaign in the making of?
    and someone gimme the link to kickstart

    • Hey thanks, the Kickstarters are not ready yet. As far as a long term campaign, there are currently no plans for such a thing, but it could be a stretch goal if we crack an insane level in the scenario ransom.


  5. The Failed Anatomies link is dead (at least for me) and probably needs to be fixed such that readers of this blog can learn – or remember – just exactly what this project is.

    • Nope, link seems live here. Works fine on two different machines (Mac and PC). I assume it has to do with cache or cookies on your end?

      • Link not working for me either. It seems to point to ‘’, which leads nowhere for me (maybe a cookie thing on _your_ end?)

  6. I love this plan! I’m excited to be a part of it! Let’s do it!

  7. Weird, I just blew away my cache and cookies “since the beginning of time” and the link still doesn’t work for me. Whatever. I know what Failed Anatomies is and I’ll contribute; I was just trying to help others.

  8. Any thought on higher level rewards? Kickstarter isn’t just about effectively pre-ordering the basic product (though that is a big part of it), but also about trying to get people to contribute more by offering them additional rewards (e.g. prints of artwork, running the scenario over Skype, turning up to someones rpg con etc…)

    • Hey Idiot/Savant. I’ve thought long and hard about this. The signing of the books last time — which might have seemed trivial — turned out to be a logistical/financial and time nightmare. The books shipped to Shane, Shane shipped me the books, I had to sign and repack all the books, and then haul them to the post office for a huge charge in postage.

      If I did anything, it would be remote. Skype, Google Chat, etc… would be fine. I’ll think some more on it. But the point of this post was to say that stuff that might seem simple is actual a huge ordeal.


      • You could think about reward levels where people get their name included in a ‘thank you’ page or maybe get their own Delta Green character as a walk-on extra in the fiction?

  9. Doesn’t work for me either. I get redirected to and I get an error message.

  10. Shut up and take my money!

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