Dennis Detwiller

The City of Lhosk on the Cerenarian Sea

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In the high west there burns a furious star.

It is for fiery boys that star was set.

-Wallace Stevens, Le Monocle de Mon Oncle


A well traveled Human city on the coast of the Cerenarian sea, it has enjoyed a prosperous existence as a trade center for many surrounding lands, due to its low levy and easy going economic policies.

The city itself winds up a thirty-five mile stretch of tropical coastline, and the natural bay is protected by a series of small reefs and sandbars. Two large lighthouses called “the Twins” mark the mouth of the port. At high tide, the lighthouses seem to float on the water, at low tide, the small islands on which they are built can be spied.

The beautiful teak docks of the coast city are famous as far south as Baharna, the intricate patterns and winding spires of the etchings were carved in the classic Lhoskian style, and are a prized cultural treasure.

The entire city except for port towers and lighthouses are gambrel roofed, making them easier to maintain due to the frequent rainfall. No private house stands that are over three stories, and none have basements. Due to inclement caused by local weather, hurricanes are often felt and the water table is quite high.

Most of the city proper is within a mile or so of the sea, and all Lhoskian children are equally as comfortable on land and water from a very early age. As one would expect, the major industry of the city is fishing, and the native barks are known in many cities up and down the Cerenarian coast as the prime traders of sea goods. The Lhoskians hold a near monopoly in their bazaar on sea goods, including fish, fishing goods, shipboard goods and other various maritime sundries. Other goods are left to foreign traders, as this promotes both a healthy relationship with other lands and a strong economic base.

The City itself is quite old, although no records exist revealing its true age. As far back as any of the Human books remember, the people of Lhosk have been sailing and fishing on the Cerenarian coast. The native language of the area is called Talunen, although English and Skand are nearly as common.

A small council of Sailors and Traders rules Lhosk. One family has held most of the council seats for many generations (although some seats are purposely vacated for set periods and presided over by foreign traders), and the interplay and intrigue of these great families has become more and more complex and incestuous with each passing generation.

Today Lhosk is the predominant trade city in the northern reaches of the Dreamlands, and is the gateway of trade to the exotic and dangerous northlands.

  1. Thanks to this map, I can follow your posts around the Dreamlands — til the variances crop up, at least.

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